How can I recover the BIOS on my MSI motherboard?

Type: Motherboard
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Your BIOS might need to be recovered if you experience the following symptoms:
- You recently updated the BIOS, but receive no post after the update.
- 2 or 4 short beeps on post.

You can attempt to recover the BIOS with the following method:
1. Download the BIOS for your motherboard from our website.

2. After downloading the BIOS, extract the BIOS file only to the ROOT directory of a FAT32 flash drive.
Note: Screenshots are for reference only. Your BIOS files and screenshots may look different.

3. Disconnect any hard drives and DVD drives from the motherboard. Plug in your flash drive into a USB 2.0 rear port on your motherboard while it is powered off. Power on the system.

4. You should eventually get into the BIOS with limited options. If not, try another USB 2.0 port. Select the "Select one file to update BIOS" option (or "Select one file to update BIOS and ME" if it is available).

5. Select your flash drive.

6. Select the BIOS file you downloaded earlier.

7. The BIOS flash is now in progress. After it is complete, the BIOS has been successfully recovered.