End User RMA Request Form

Important Information and Instruction. Please Read

* This online RMA request form is intended for Motherboard / VGA Card / Barbone / CE / Communication products / Notebook / AIO / Desktop / Monitor.
* For Notebook / AIO products' tech support and/or warranty service, please click Here (Online registration required).
* MSI Warranty Information
* How to Find Model Number, Part Number and Serial Number for my MSI Product(s).

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. Please enter a valid US/Canada address on RMA request. RMA will be returned to the address provide on the RMA form. MSI is not responsible for lost package or delay of delivery due to invalid address or change of address.
  2. 2. Please ensure you select the correct product type corresponding to the unit.
  3. 3. All RMA Returns must follow these instructions:

       a) The RMA# must be clear and prominently written on the outside of the package. MSI will repair or by any other efforts restore the defective Product to its working condition, MSI reserves the right to refuse any unauthorized request.
       b) You are responsible for shipping your RMA to us. There are no specific packing instructions, but please be sure to properly secure the contents inside the package and use proper packaging materials to avoid damage during shipping.
       c) We recommend you use shipping companies that can provide you with a tracking#. For example, FedEx, UPS, DHL. Also you may want to insure the package.

  4. 4. Any service must be approved by MSI according to MSI's Warranty Policy and Discretions.
  5. 5. Your assigned RMA number is valid for 20 days from the date of issue.
  6. 6. MSI reserves the rights to rejects any RMA returns that¡¦s are been physical damaged, missing/bent pins, burn, cracked, or other damages due to abuse.
  7. 7. MSI has no liability for general, consequential, incidental or special damages. These includes lost data, the cost of recovery of lost data, lost profits and the cost of the installation or removal of installation of replacement Products, and any inspection, testing, or redesign caused by an repair or replacement of Products arising from a defect in any Products.
  8. 8. If the information on your request varies from the actual item(s) received, your RMA will be based on the actual item(s) received.

* By clicking "Start", I understand and agree to the above provisions

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