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Previous Note(s)

TypeCreated DateProblem NoteAttachment
End User09/23/2019You can close this ticket. I'm returning the board for a refund and buying an Asus instead. Between the awful QA on this unit and the way your entire support staff ghosted a loyal 10+ year customer with an unsolved issue, I will be avoiding MSI for the foreseeable future and advising my community to do the same. No company this large should have support this bad. Get your act together.
End User09/16/2019Any updates here? I haven't had a response from MSI in 5 days. Please advise as the issue is not yet resolved. Thanks.
End User09/13/2019I thought I would just let you know as well that I'm going to flash back down to the latest release BIOS. Since installing the early beta you sent me (which I know is extremely early as it wasn't even posted to the web site), every time I restart my machine, it will go into a Windows 10 boot loop until the automatic diagnostics are triggered. After restarting from that, the system boots normally but will go back into the loop after restarting again. I'm guessing reverting to the current release BIOS will resolve that. If you have any information on the HDD LED issue, I'd appreciate it as my return window for the board is closing. Thanks.
End User09/12/2019An an additional note, I investigated last night and there was a firmware update available for the Crucial P1 SSDs. I did apply that but unfortunately, it also didn't resolve the error. Thanks.
End User09/11/2019Hi again. I just flashed the BIOS you provided and sadly, the HDD LED issue persists. I'm not sure if this will help your engineers or not but for reference, I have two Crucial P1 1TB drives in the M.2 slots (model CT1000P1SSD8), a Western Digital Blue 500GB SATA SSD (model WDS500G2B0A) and a 4TB Western Digital Black HDD (model WD4003FZEX-00Z4SA0.) I also confirmed with a friend of mine who bought the same board and has different drives that he has the issue too. I look forward to your update. Thanks.
MSI Tech.09/11/2019Please try this BIOS update 131 using the M-FLASH utility within the BIOS Setup, here is the DOWNLOAD LINK Let me know if the issue persists.
End User09/10/2019Good day. I tried the beta BIOS that's out and it didn't resolve this issue. In addition, a friend of mine who bought the same board but has a different drive configuration from me, is also having the same issue. Is there any update from engineering on whether they can confirm this is a BIOS issue and if a fix is coming? If this appears to be hardware, i'd like to know so I can return it to my vendor before their return window ends. Thanks.
End User09/09/2019In that thread, someones claims support told him it was a BIOS bug but they never said anything beyond that so I don't know if that's accurate or not. If you could check with your engineers, I would greatly appreciate it. The change notes for the bets BIOS only list supporting a new release of AGESA so I'm not sure if that's going to impact this or not. The first one of these boards I got had to be exchanged because a VRM literally caught fire when it was first powered up. If this one is defective as well, I'll probably be looking at another model. I'm hoping a solution can be found here. Please advise when you know. Thanks!
MSI Tech.09/09/2019You can try updating the BIOS to the 124 beta version currently on our site, but I'm not sure that it'll resolve the issue. I will go through the appropriate channels to see if our engineers are aware of the issue, and to see if there's a resolution coming.
End User09/09/2019No, the leads are not plugged in backwards. I confirmed it (if they're in backwards, the LED just doesn't light at all.) I've been building PCs for 20 years so I can assure you I know how to hook these up. As I said, other users are reporting this issue as well. See this thread from your forums: Please advise on a solution. Thanks.
MSI Tech.09/09/2019Gerry, Are you sure you don't just have the lead reversed? The case connector should have a small arrow pointing to the positive side of the connector, check your user manual for the diagram showing the power and ground pins and make sure the lead is connected correctly.
End User09/07/2019Whenever the system is powered on, the board is sending a constant signal to the HDD LED connector. Whenever the HDD LED on the case is plugged in, it's lit at all times. I've done some reading and other users of this same board are reporting this issue and some have said that support has told them it's a BIOS bug related to when an NVME drive is connected (I have two of the same drive in both M.2 slots.) Can you please confirm if this is the case and if so, when a fix is expected? Thanks.

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